The Ultimate Rustic Wedding Checklist: Plan Your Perfect Day

Are you planning your wedding? I feel you. Planning a wedding can feel vastly overwhelming! Deciding the theme alone can really be daunting. What about a country wedding with a serene backdrop of trees and mountain views? Rustic weddings exude timeless elegance and inherent charm, which is why this wedding theme has gained new heights of popularity in recent years. Well, if you are set to have a rustic wedding, here’s a complete wedding checklist to help you plan your very special wedding.

1. Focus on Planning Ahead

Your wedding is a special milestone to be remembered for the rest of your lives. Without proper planning, you aim to fail. Therefore, it must be planned carefully in an organized fashion and well ahead of time.

2. Define Your Dream Wedding

Imagine your ideal rustic wedding.

Get inspiration from websites, and magazines. Research, research, research.

Conceptualize the following:

Ambience: Are you envisioning a close-knit gathering or a celebration under the open sky?

Color Scheme: For a calming atmosphere, consider soft pastels or imagine colors inspired by nature.

Atmosphere: Capture the warmth, nostalgia, and sense of community that define rustic weddings. Let this vision be your guiding light throughout the planning process.

3. Establish Your Wedding’s Financial Roadmap

Before the excitement takes hold, establish a realistic budget that prioritizes your must-haves like venue, catering, photography, and attire. Keeping this roadmap close will ensure you stay on track throughout the planning and implementation processes.

4. Elevate Your Wedding with a Planning Partner

A wedding coordinator takes the stress out of planning by assisting with logistics, vendor coordination, and day-of management. Their expertise ensures a smooth and successful wedding, alleviating a lot of stress from your shoulders.

5. Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

Select a venue that aligns with your vision:

Barns: For a charming touch, seek out a rustic barn with ample space to accommodate both your vows and celebrations.


Farm weddings unfold amidst stunning backdrops. Imagine saying ‘I do’ under a canopy of fragrant blossoms in a charming orchard, or rolling fields bathed in golden light might be ideal, or vineyards bathed in the warm glow of sunset offer a touch of sophisticated charm.

Outdoor Settings: Imagine exchanging vows with nature as your witness. Gardens, meadows, and lakeside locations provide a natural wedding backdrop.

Remember to have a backup plan for unpredictable weather. Tents or covered areas as emergency backup are essential.

6. Curate the perfect Wedding decor and accents

Rustic Charm: Setting the Scene- Natural textures and warm lighting create a welcoming and romantic ambiance for your rustic wedding celebration.

Wooden Warmth: Let the beauty of nature shine through with wooden tables, chairs, and signage. These elements provide a solid foundation for your décor and connect your celebration to the outdoors.

Textured Touches: Burlap table runners and lace overlays add a touch of vintage charm, while rustic signage with calligraphy or hand-painted lettering personalizes the space.

Wildflower Delights: Fill mason jars with vibrant wildflowers for a touch of untamed beauty. These centerpieces bring the outdoors in and add a pop of color to your tables.

Romantic Glow: String lights twinkling overhead and flickering candles set the mood for an unforgettable evening. The warm glow creates a sense of intimacy and magic.

7. Create a Guest List

Think about the overall budget for your wedding before finalizing your guest count. Family, close friends, and those closest to your heart should be prioritized.

8. Find your perfect wedding day

When choosing a wedding date, keep in mind your schedules, seasonal preferences, potential holidays, and any days that hold special meaning.

9. Expand Your Wedding with Seamlessly Connected Sub-Events

Although the wedding day is the main event, the following sub-events must also be considered, budgeted, and duly planned:

  1. Meet the family party,
  2. Bridal shower/bachelorette party,
  3. Bachelors party
  4. Rehearsal dinner
  5. Wedding ceremony
  6. Wedding Reception, and
  7. Honeymoon.

10. Lock in Your Dream Team

Secure your perfect wedding vendors first: venue, photographer/videographer, caterer, and florist. Booking them early secures your top choices and reduces wedding planning stress.

11. Wedding Reception Entertainment and Fun Activities

Keep guests engaged:

Live Music: Let live music create a relaxed atmosphere – hire a band playing country or acoustic tunes.

Outdoor Games: For a touch of fun, set up lawn games like horseshoes, cornhole, or Giant Jenga to provide some outdoor entertainment, depending on your venue’s rules.

12. Assemble Your Wedding Entourage

Gather your closest supporters. Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other attendants who will stand by your side throughout the planning journey and on your wedding day.

13. Keep Guests Informed: Create Your Wedding Hub

Make it easy for guests to stay informed! Create a wedding website to share all the essential details, like venue location, accommodation options, and a convenient RSVP system.

14. Design Your Save-the-Date Cards and Invitations

Tell your guests to mark their calendars and get ready to celebrate with you! Announce your wedding date with fun save-the-dates, then send out elegant invitations that tie into your theme as the big day approaches.

15. Hire the Rest of Your Vendor Team

Expand your vendor list to include entertainment (DJ), catering (cake baker), and glam team (makeup artist, outfit assistant, hair artist). Research potential vendors based on your preferences, budget, and guest count. Secure their bookings to finalize your event details.

16. Dress to Perfection

For the bride and groom:

  • Bride: Embrace the natural elegance of a rustic wedding with a dress that features delicate lace, flowing chiffon, or a whimsical bohemian silhouette. Soft, earthy tones or a touch of ivory will complement the outdoor setting. Let your hairstyling echo the theme with floral crowns, braided accents, or greenery tucked into a veil for a touch of whimsical romance.
  • Groom and Groomsmen: Classic groomsmen attire gets a rustic twist with earthy tones like sage green, brown, or burgundy. Suspenders and bow ties add a touch of vintage charm, while vests in tweed or linen create a textured, sophisticated look.

17. Build Your Gift List

To make the gifting process easier for your guests, create your dream gift registry with a mix of must-haves and little luxuries at your favorite stores, and then, announce it to them.

18. Find Your Forever Symbol

Together, choose wedding bands that embody your lifelong commitment.

19. Secure Your Marriage License

To comply with legal regulations, obtain your marriage license prior to your wedding day by verifying the necessary steps with your local authorities.

20. Map out Your Honeymoon Paradise

Plan your honeymoon together! Discuss destinations and activities, and book early.

21. Craft Your Heartfelt Vows

On your wedding day, share your love story and heartfelt promises through personalized vows, creating a deeply touching moment in the ceremony.

22. Develop Your Wedding Day Itinerary.

Develop a comprehensive wedding day timeline with your coordinator, covering prep time, ceremony, reception, and extras.

23. Monitor Your Wedding Vendors.

Conduct final confirmations with all vendors approximately 3 weeks before the wedding day to ensure everyone is aligned on the agreed-upon details. You and the wedding coordinator must keep open communications with the wedding vendors.

24. Record the Happy Moments

Finding the perfect photographer for your outdoor wedding is key to cherishing those precious moments forever. Here’s what to consider:

Style Harmony: Prioritize photographers whose portfolio reflects your vision. Do you crave timeless portraits that capture the love between you, or are you drawn to candid shots that document the joy of the celebration? Selecting a photographer whose style aligns with your preferences ensures photos that resonate with you for years.

Rustic Expertise: Look for a photographer with experience capturing the beauty of natural settings. Their expertise will ensure they can leverage the unique charm of the venue to create stunning wedding photos.

25. Show sincere gratitude.

Let your loved ones know how much their presence and contributions meant to you. Express your sincere appreciation to your guests, vendors, and everyone who made your special day magical. For a lasting memento of your wedding, you may wish to present tokens of appreciation to your parents, sponsors, and guests, considering your budget.

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